Blog Marketing

Prices based on £45/hr (+ vat). Packages available.

Summary: What is a blog? Blog is short for ‘web-log’ – which is an online diary, news page & promotional publishing tool.

Detail: Blogging is a potentially powerful marketing tool, especially when combined with other digital marketing services such as search engine marketing. The RSS feed from a blog is flowed into social media websites and ‘pushed out’ through a web of media channels. We offer the following blog related services:

  • Blog software installation and styling
  • Integration of blog software into your website
  • Design of a new website using the WordPress content management & blogging system
  • Integration of blog marketing with search engine marketing
  • Optimisation of an existing blog channel
  • Blog marketing strategy & integration with search engine marketing
  • Blog copy writing
  • Blog copy re-writing via supplied copy, re-written & optimised for search engine exposure
  • Blog photography and graphic design to reinforce a message
  • Blog video production
  • Blog and social media integration
  • Blog hosting

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