Digital Lead Generation & Marketing

Prices based on £45/hr (+ vat). Packages available.

Summary: utilise search engine marketing, professional networking websites, social media websites and industry specific websites to generate potential new business, using some of the following tools and techniques


  • PULL MARKETING – search engine marketing (SEO) – gaining targeted visitor traffic from people searching for your products & services
  • COMPLIANCE – supplier approval – company profile submissions & gateways to large companies you wish to do business with
  • PUSH MARKETING – digital email marketing – communicating with existing and potential customers via qualified, GDPR compliant email marketing services
  • PUSH & PULL – LinkedIn professional networking to identify, connect and communicate with individuals you wish to interest in products and services
  • CREATIVE – digital PR – generated copy, photography, graphic design & web video to use within your digital marketing campaigns and to create a PR flow
  • PR FLOW – social media marketing – creating, maintaining & flowing PR into social media channel profiles
  • PROMOTIONAL – blogging  – creating engaging, informative & search engine optimised blog posts

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