Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing, Google Adwords Optimisation & Management

Prices based on £45/hr* (+ vat) + expenses. Packages available*.
*This is our management fee and does not cover your PPC monthly budget incurred by search engine companies, who will bill you separately

Summary: Pay-per-click marketing looks after the paid adverts within search engine results, which are typically (but not always) at the top of a page of search results.

Detail: To list within the paid adverts, such as google adwords, companies pay google for each click through to their website, from google search result pages. manage per-per-click accounts for customers for a fixed monthly fee (in addition to the pay-per-click costs) and optimise the accounts for maximum exposure within the budget available. We do this by

Management and ongoing optimisation of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) accounts such as Google Adwords to achieve:

  • Working with google representatives to ensure the account is fully optimised
  • Monitor and improve search phrase capture & ongoing expansion of key-phrase pool
  • Set and monitor budget caps per click, to maintain within budget
  • Observe, match and improve upon competitor results
  • Manage adverts that google distribute to their display network (non-google sites)
  • Introduce negative search phrases to remove unwanted searches which waste budget
  • Implement new features to the advertising platform as they become available
  • Introduce new products and services into the mix
  • Ads optimised for PC, Mobile & tablet
  • Video Ads

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