Web & Promotional Video Production Services

Prices based on £45/hr (+ vat) + expenses. Packages available.

Summary: NealMasters.biz – film and produce video for company video tours, product videos, video blog & promotional videos and videos filmed and produced for adverts.

Detail: Video productions are usually comprised of clips from the following sources:

  • Ruggedised video cam footage*
  • HD hand-cam video
  • Stabalised video
  • HD drone video
  • Slow motion video
  • Time-lapse video
  • Existing footage
  • Stock footage
  • Photo’s and still image graphics
  • Existing audio
  • Generated on-site audio
  • Voice over audio
  • Stock audio
  • CAD Software footage
  • Animation

*For hazzardous environments such as gaining footage from inside working CNC machines, we can implement ruggedised camera setups & budget HD action cam setups, specifically designed for internal video shoots of CNC-machining and other challenging filming environments.

  • Machine shop & engineering company video marketing
  • Full HD video, of internal CNC machining or similar
  • Ruggedised camera setups with minimal consumables cost per-shoot
  • Multi-cam setups available
  • Can be combined with external video shots, supplied shots or acquired footage
  • Post production and editing
  • Integration into your website, blog & social media channels

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