Websites built for marketing

Prices based on £45/hr (+ vat) + expenses. Packages available.

Summary: Websites designed and built for marketing performance, providing a PR flow, generating leads, sales & expanding customer base.

Detail: primarily work with established open source web solutions, such as the wordpress CMS and blogging platform. We design and develop websites for marketing performance & lead generation. Taking both visual and technical aspects of website design seriously, take pride in producing a fine piece of work for each customer. Each website is designed specifically for the customer and is unique.

We recommend that future marketing aspects and requirements should be considered as part of the web design process itself, planning ahead before the design is started and ensuring that these are part of the specification & brief.

Whether we are building a company brochure website, online web shop or other web based system, we can ensure that the new website gets a healthy start by examining:

  • The specification of the system & software plugins to suit the purpose of the website
  • The required hosting environment
  • Security requirements such as SSL and security plugins to guard against cyber crime
  • The specification of external services which work with the website, such as automated blog-to-social media posting services or email marketing software
  • Providing login, page update, blogging & support facilities for customers to apply updates to their website in-house
  • The visual & layout specification of the home page, navigation, blog pages and website structure
  • Compliance with responsive standards for viewing on PC, laptop, tablet & mobile
  • User experience & satisfaction throughout – convert the visitor to the customer
  • Multi-level menus and mobile/tablet friendly menu navigation
  • Search engine marketing goals & search phrase research
  • Social media marketing goals & target audience
  • Observing compliance & GDPR standards
  • Meeting industry specific requirements

We work with the customer from the outset and throughout the design project, to ensure successful conclusion bringing a website to frution which has the potential to perform.

Ongoing Marketing Support

We are here for our customers, providing ongoing marketing support, keeping abreast of new features, challenges & regulations.

Situations often arise where customers need to introduce new products, services or new innovations quickly and bring them to market. This is why ongoing marketing optimisation is part of every digital marketing strategy.


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